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Scotch Whisky Future Trends

Where do you see rare whisky moving within luxury alternative investments?

It’s just going to continue to rise since we are only just opening up in China now. Given the amount of people in China and the demand, if you have 1% interest now and 2% interest next year – there won’t be enough supply for everyone.

On the other side of the world in Mexico and South America, they are also growing in interest with single malt Scotch whisky and also with the big drinks giants like Diageo and Period Ricard. They’re all spending hundreds of millions of dollars expanding the distilleries and reopening closed distilleries. With the new distilleries in China, India, Tazmania, New Zealand – the water supply is the key.

I wish them luck, but I personally don’t see how they could compete with Scotland as they haven’t got the history behind them with generations of people that have been refining the way that they produce the whisky. Again, it is down to the grain that they use and with Scotland’s vast swaths of organic barley swaying in the countryside.

Lots of distilleries have their own fields and it’s harvested especially for their whisky. Some distilleries do buy barley from others, but the water supply is the main component. The Loches and the streams in Scotland are very pure. They didn’t have an industrial revolution in the highlands and with a lot of countries around the world, the ground has been exposed to pesticides.

If you’d like to find out more about investing in rare whisky casks to make the most of your investment, email or call 3468 7901 to find out more.

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