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Together with our partners in Scotland, CASK MASTER is a whisky specialist company that reduces risk with the appropriate documentation & certificates to safely store and manage casks on behalf of customers around the world.

We have an exceptional stock list of fully-owned casks, offering a wide variety of single malt whisky with different sizes, ages and finishes. Our casks are specially chosen and hand-picked  from distilleries across Scotland.

With good access to leading brands of The Macallan, Bowmore, Dalmore, Highland Park & Laphroaig distilleries, we can also recommend lesser-known distilleries with significant upside potential.

Why Whisky

Why purchase a Rare Whisky?


Rare Cask Whisky has no correlation to any other traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds or property. 

10 - 15% Historical Annual Returns

Imbalance between lack of supply of aged single malt whisky and growing demand particularly in Asia. 

Low Volatility

From January - June 2020 the Rare Whisky 101 Apex 1000 Index was steadily up 5%.

Physical Asset

Complete ownership in your name and access to your collection.

Hedge Currency Risk

Take advantage of a historically lower GBP & earn additional gains on the upside long term.

Three glasses fo whisky on a wooden table
Interior of Warehouse showing rows of Casks

Whisky Facts

Whisky is exclusively aged in oak casks. Once bottled, all aging stops (unlike wine). Most of the flavour of the whisky is dictated by the types of casks used in the aging process (sherry, bourbon, port, etc).

In Scotland, whisky must be aged in casks for at least three years to be called Scotch whisky and be bottled at a minimum ABV concentration of 40%.

Whisky casks can be filled at any time according to the client's choosing, provided that they meet the above mentioned Scotch Whisky Association requirements.


All packaging, including bottling, corks, labels and boxes can be fully customised.


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Cask Master

Unit 502-5, 5/F, Yu Yuet Lai Building,

43-55 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3468 7908

WhatsApp: (852) 9354 5409


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